Carefully designed to build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses, these fully rounded courses will provide you with the progress you need to make. The courses have been developed to ensure that all skill areas in English receive the right degree of focus for every individual in a class.

Our small group sizes, a maximum of 12 students with an average of 6, mean that our trainers have time to get to know each individual and can work with them on language improvement.

The Intensive General English is the ideal choice for those students who are ready to spend a bit more time to get quicker and more in-depth results in learning English. This course allows students to learn the language using real-life contexts with lively, interesting reading and listening texts, challenging activities and periodic evaluations so they can easily see and measure their progress.

What makes it ideal for you:

  • Longest Class Hours
  • International Environment
  • Affordable Fees
  • Small Class Size
  • Qualified Teachers
  • Best Location

We have additional classes for you to practice speaking, reading, writing and lessons which would take place before or after your regular classes, in the morning or afternoon. Besides that, we also have a library from which you can borrow story books that will help you improve your vocabulary and reading skills. Apart from this, our event hall is a place where you can play games and interact with International students in English. We also arrange outdoor activities, trips and celebratory events around various festivals, where students are encouraged to participate and conduct presentations relating to their individual cultures and traditions. Overall, because we are one of the best International English language centres in Malaysia, you will find lots of opportunities to make friends with different nationalities and converse in English daily.

At each level you will be tested twice to determine your progress – the Mid-term exam and the Final exam. These exams will check your understanding of grammar as well as your writing, listening and reading skills at your current level. The collective scores of the Mid-Term and Final exams will determine if you can move on to the next level. You must obtain at least 70 per cent to go to the next level. If you fail, you will have to repeat the current level. This is a good way to ensure that you are ready to study one step higher. In cases where a student scores 98 per cent and above, he or she can take the jump test, so that he can skip one level and move on further up.

You do not have to state what level you need to apply for. You will be required to sit for a specially designed placement test. You sit for this test prior to your entry to the centre. The test results will ensure that you are placed at the most appropriate level for you. There are different levels, starting from Starter to Upper Intermediate which will ensure that you progress and gain confidence at every step. In no time, you will be successful on the language ladder, seeing for yourself, how much your English language skills and proficiency have improved!

Yes, definitely! Please fill in the enrolment form at our centre or apply online on our website. Along with it, please send us the first months’ tuition fee.

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